Isn’t it strange… that we almost ignore the Avataris of Kali yuga?!?

Bhaja Gauranga Said Nityananda

Srila Prabhupada: “Considering the position of the people of this age, however, the chanting of ŚRĪ CAITANYA MAHĀPRABHU’S NAME IS MORE ESSENTIAL than the chanting of the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra because Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu is the MOST MAGNANIMOUS INCARNATION AND HIS MERCY IS VERY EASILY ACHIEVED.” [CC Adi 8.31, purport]

Isn’t it strange …?!?

~ that we ignore the Avataris* of this yuga so much?!? Almost as if They don’t exist?! 😮

We read in prophecies of sastras how Sri Caitanya (Gauranga) will be a hidden Avatar in degraded Kali age, but He actually remained hidden even in this actual yuga, didn’t He?! But Nityananda who inseparably accompanies Gauranga and Who is non-different from Him is also an Avatar and He is even more hidden!! Not even a word about Him in terms of sastric prophecies! How strange is that?!

Isn’t it most unusual that the full glorification in all directions and full worship of the present Avataris is neglected?!? Don’t They deserve to be fully recognized and worshipped as Avataris? Are They merely just ‘instruments’ of Krishna who sent Them to show us how to render devotional service, or are They Krishna himself? Not only Krishna but Radha Herself too – Who must be fully worshiped as Godhead, not merely as ‘devotees‘ – like you or me maybe??!?!!?!? 😮 Are They supposed to be kept aside, then used for purpose of attaining Krishna, and then: ‘Thank you and goodbye‘?!? 😮

How can we understand the purpose of acaryas for not stressing enough the full glories of these two Avataris? Specifically Their *names*? Don’t They have Their names? And what is so special about Their names? But the ONLY WAY TO ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIP DEITY is through the NAME OF THE DEITY, ie. mantra of the Deity! Otherwise, we remain disconnected from the Deity because the Deity is displeased. We don’t call the Deity by His/Her name! And we don’t get purified!

When one reads books by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura or Srila Prabhupada, it is ALL there, yes. But one will find that there are sort of two ‘railways’ of worship they present: one ‘standard’ and more stressed out and the other ‘not so standard’ and not so stressed out although existent as well, ie. Radha-Krishna cult and Nitai-Gaura cult. But Srila Bhaktivinoda sincerely admitted that he couldn’t help himself but to disclose the super hidden and confidential secrets about Nitai Gauranga, Their names, forms, qualities, pastimes and holy places; he was ordered to do so by Nityananda prabhu. The interesting fact is that great majority take instructions about Radha-Krishna cult and ignore Nitai-Gaur cult as if it was less relevant or less important! How strange is that?!? 😮

When we humbly attempt to preach about Nitai-Gaur glories, the great majority remain indifferent as if spell-bound! No movement in their heart! Freeze! 😮 Someone pushed the ‘pause’ button?!? So I decided, ok, I will stuff them up until they get sick of me and my Nitai-Gaur stuff, then maybe one day their heart will be pierced somehow and they will say, ok, let me hear and accept Nitai Gaur.

This internet medium is fully and totally saturated with total and absolute nonsense, so why can’t we stuff it a little bit with inconceivable glories about Nityananda and Gauranga?

The conclusion is that Nitai Gaur worship is much more hidden & confidendtial then Radha Krishna worship. The things are not kept hidden and confidential by our acaryas unless there is a BIG REASON for that! Keep that in mind next time when you decide to reject Nitai Gaur in Their infinite and most amazing glories thinking it is just an exaggeration to attract people!!!!! It is grave nama-aparadha to think like that!!!

śruti-smṛti-purāṇesu nāma-māhātmya-vācisu
ye’rthavāda iti brūyur na teṣāṁ niraya-kṣayaḥ

“Those who consider that the MANTRAS of the Vedas, Purāṇas, Upaniṣads and other Vedic literatures have EXAGGERATED the GLORIES of Bhagavān’s NĀMA will go to everlasting hell, and never return.” [quote from Jaiminī-saṁhitā, from Jaiva Dharma, ch.24]

Nitai Gaur Deities in Ekachakra

Banka Ray


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